Olympic Discs


York Fitness Olympic Discs are perfect for your heavy duty weight training.

Olympic Discs are versatile in their ability to be utilized for a variety of exercises, including Olympic Lifts.

York Fitness Olympic Discs are manufactured to the highest standards and features a matte black finished with an embossed YORK logo and the weight in KG. Cast Iron weights add real intensity to your workout.

Ideal for aspiring body builders. For a really tough session – recommended to be used with a York Fitness one inch bar (sold separately).

Doing weight training exercises will provide you with serval benefits, it will improve your physical fitness, tone muscle and in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet – help you to lose weight.

Muscle Toning:
To muscle tone while doing weight training exercises you will need to select a weight that offers you high resistance but always train within your target zone.

Weight Loss:
The important factor here is the amount of effort you put in. The harder and longer you work the more calories you will burn.

A selection of good quality Olympic Discs are the cornerstone of any home gym.

Another quality product range from York Fitness. Get fit and order online today.


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