Medicine Balls


York Fitness Medicine Balls are perfect for those who have a weak core or want rock hard abs.

York Fitness Medicine Balls are made from a rubber compound material for enhanced durability and features a 2-tone design. It offers a textured surface ensuring a firm, anti-slip grip and provides reduced bounce element. In addition, it is easy to clean and ideal for exercises such as rock and roll ups, reverse swings, step jumps, circle squats and medicine ball push-ups.

Muscle Toning:
To muscle tone while doing weight training exercises you will need to select a weight that offers you high resistance but always train within your target zone.

Weight Loss:
The important factor here is the amount of effort you put in. The harder and longer you work the more calories you will burn.

A selection of Medicine Balls are a great addition for any home gym. Select York Fitness so that you don’t get disappointed.

Perform all of your favourite weight loss and toning exercises with the knowledge that you are using quality York Fitness product.

Get fit; get toned; burn fat and build muscle.


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