A barbell suitable for you is the most fundamental piece of weight training equipment. Getting it right is critical for your success & enjoyment. Try lifting weights without one and you’ll soon discover how limited your workout will be. Yet many people overlook the importance of having the right type of barbell for their workout. There are many types and things to consider when choosing the right barbell for you.

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The word barbell refers to the entire object, that consists of the bar and the weights at each end. Barbells may also require collars to hold the weights in place.

The main types of barbell, can be broken down into two main categories:

Fixed Weight Barbells:

  • this type of barbell has a set weight – that can not be adjusted.
  • the main advantages of fixed weight barbells are: simplicity (there are no moving parts) & durability.

Adjustable Barbells:

  • consist of a bar, and weight plates that are added to the bar.
  • the advantage of adjustable barbells, is that with just a few weight plates and one bar, you can achieve a large number of overall weight configurations.
  • giving you versatility for workouts with only one bar.
  • you can collect weight plates over time, spreading the cost of your barbell set-up.
Barbell Bar with Collars
York Fitness barbell bar.

What’s the best barbell for You?
Depending on your fitness goals, here’s a quick summary to help you choose the right barbell.

If you’re new to weight training or if you want weights that work for juniors or seniors – our recommendation is a standard 1 inch bar and weight plates. You can choose from a variety of bar shapes and sizes as well as choosing between cast iron or filled-vinyl weight plates which are more economical.

Serious About Weight Training:
If you’re serious about body-building or weight-training – our recommendation is to consider a 2 inch
weight-training barbell and suitable weight-plates. Within this category there are a variety of cast iron plates to choose from.

Trouble Walking Through Doors / The Hulk:
If you’re a strongman, power-lifter or have superhuman strength then you’ll want to invest in a high quality
power-lifting bar and a serious set of high quality 2 inch cast iron plates. Continue your hard core workouts with the toughest equipment available.

York Fitness 7 foot Olympic Bar
York Fitness 7 foot Olympic Bar

Regular Olympic Lifter:
For Olympic lifting on a regular basis or bringing your Crossfit training home – our recommendation is to invest in a Olympic standard bar and a set of rubber bumper plates. Remember, you’ll need suitable flooring to drop the barbell. A lifting platform is recommended, alternatively a flat concrete floor with high-impact matting would be suitable.

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