York Fitness Soft ankle/wrist weights 2 x 1KG


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Key Features

  • Soft and comfortable pair of ankle / wrist weights
  • Strengthens biceps and triceps
  • Tone hips, thighs and calves
  • Burn extra calories while working out
  • Contoured padding for a secure fit on your ankles or wrists
  • Strong Velcro and buckle provide easy adjustment

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The York Fitness Soft Ankle/Wrist weights are the perfect way to add resistance to all exercises performed for building muscle or improving fitness. Add weights to your wrists or ankles to add extra resistance without the need to go to the gym or lift weights. From beginner friendly all the way up to advanced athletes on their fitness journey, the York Fitness Ankle/Wrist Weights will be a fantastic tool in your fitness journey.

Available sets:

  • 0.5kg
  • 1 kg
  • 1.5kg
  • 2kg


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